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Crystal Healing Workshop Blog

Updated: Dec 27, 2023

Healing yourself with vibrations and crystals.

Workshops are one of our favorite ways to interact with our community. We are very passionate about educating our community and creating a safe space to explore spirituality.

Behind our shop, in Kernville, we set up a large yurt. We filled it with herbs, tuning forks, crystals, a huge gong and singing bowls.

We believe everything has symbolism. Our beautiful yellow tent is reminiscent of the yellow chakra (manipura), also known as the solar plexus, and created a womb like enviroment. This made the yurt a perfect place for meditation and getting in touch with your inner world.

With the energy of the comforting yurt and the powerful music played by the singing bowls & gong we created a space of healing and connection.

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