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Intro to Pendulums

A pendulum is the most accessible form of divination. Get answers to your yes/no questions.


Choose the pendulum that speaks to you.

With one hand, suspend the pendulum over your other palm to create and energetic circuit. Remain very still.

Ask a specifc question you know the answer to be a yes , such as "Is my birth name _____?"

After you get an answer and the pendulum goes back to neutral , ask a question you know to be a no, such as " Is my favorite color ____?"

Each pendulum will work differently with each person.

Now that you know how this pendulum speaks to you, you can ask more specific yes/no questions.

Will I get a promotion this year?

Will I get a promotion next year?

Will it be in the fall?



Will it be more than $2000?

More than $3000?

Can you ask, "What's my future husband's name?"

No. It's not phrased yes/no.

You can ask, Does my future husband's name begin with a letter from A-L?"

"From A-D?"

"Does his name begin with a B?"

"Is his name Buckley?"

If you are looking for divination books or pendulum's look no further. We have many different crystal pendulums that are calling your name. Come visit us to see our array or visit our online store.

Happy Divining!

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